Try try again. But what happens if you keep trying and you can’t even get a response? I understand with any process there will be setbacks, even the most successful people suffered failures and let downs. But what I don’t understand is when you are reaching out to someone and they deliberately ignore you. Do the people in higher up positions feel like you’re asking for a hand out? You may be simply asking for advice or a question that only requires a yes or no answer and you’re still being ignored. Why?


Everyone gets their start somewhere; no one’s success is built on them alone. So it just boggles my mind when people who have obtained what they’ve always wanted, ignore or belittle you for wanting the same thing. How can you get your foot in the door when there’s no one there to open it? How did the people in higher positions, the editors, designers, photographers or any field that you are interested in, get their start? I’m sure they were persistent. I’m sure they called, wrote letters, emailed and anything else to be heard. And I’m positive that someone took a risk and called them back. Persistence is key in attaining anything you want, but it’s rather frustrating when someone blatantly shoots you down without even giving you a chance.


No, I’m not giving up, I’m fully aware that anything worth having won’t be easy to get. I’m just frustrated with the lack of responses, but I won’t let a few people stop me. In the famous words of Jay Z  it’s “on to the next one”, that’s the attitude you need to have when a door closes or doesn’t open at all. There will be someone out there who will listen and give you a chance, you just gotta keep looking.


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