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Third time really is the charm! I am very pleased to announce that my post, The Fashionable Ladies of 2013, was chosen for The Independent Fashion Bloggers Weekly Roundup aka Links A La Mode. This is my third time being featured and I am very grateful for the recognition. I’m so happy to be apart of the IFB community, it has done nothing but make me a better blogger, pushing me to blog to my full potential while teaching me the tips and tricks to excel in this industry.

In case you’re wondering what Links a la Mode is or forgotten what it is, here’s a refresher.  Links a al mode consists of 20 links submitted by bloggers to help drive traffic to their sites. Every Thursday the roundup gets posted giving anyone who submitted beforehand a chance to have their link selected and viewed by everyone in the IFB network. 

Once again, I am very pleased and grateful for being selected this week! Thank you so much to IFB and congrats to the other bloggers. Make sure to check out my link, as well as, the other 19 fabulous links selected!

 Happy New Year! Here’s to a stylish 2014!


New Year Chic

The New Year always makes us think about the way we spend our time. Did we make the most of the year? What were the best memories? Who dressed the best? What needs to change? This week’s roundup is a good mix of reflecting on the best of fashion in 2013 and what to look our for next year. So take a look and make the most of 2013!

Links a la Mode: December 26

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