New year. New segment.  Fashion and art go hand in hand, it’s impossible to like one and not the other. Majority of my blog posts fixate on fashion, but with the start of the new year I wanted to incorporate a new segment celebrating the stylishly artistic. Introducing: ARTISTIC EXPRESSION.

What I love are fashion illustrations. Why? Because they’re stylishly brilliant! A fashion illustration is an art form that exudes class and style while still giving off vintage appeal.  There’s such simplicity and elegance to the art of the illustration, a legacy that has left an impression for nearly 500 years. Wikipedia defines fashion illustration as ‘a form of communication of fashion that originates with illustration, drawing and painting.


Sadly, what once played a major role on the covers of magazines is nonexistent today. Fashion illustrations have been on a decline since the late 1930’s when magazines began to replace the illustrated covers with photographic images. Now, present day publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle use actual photographs.


Fashion photography may have taken over, but the art of the illustration is far from dead. One illustrator that has left a stylish impression on me is Hayden Williams. Williams, a British designer and illustrator is known for his drawings. He showcases a variety of his talented work on his Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Inspiration comes easy for Williams as he is inspired “from many different sources but the majority comes from vintage photos and movies from the 50’s and 60’s. I also get inspiration from Disney (of course) and iconic figures in Pop Culture etc…”


Courtesy of

Williams’ work became even more recognized in 2013 when celebs like Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, and Naomi Campbell came across illustrations of themselves and respectfully thanked the talented artist. Even magazines such as ELLE Thailand and Harper’s Bazaar Australia celebrated his work, further proving that the classic image of an illustration is still very prominent in todays industry. Hayden Williams is making it his mission to “conquer the world one fashion sketch at a time” , and I’m hoping he succeeds.


Courtesy of Hayden Williams


Disney Divas for Vogue by Hayden Williams

Don’t call it a comeback, fashion illustrations have never left. They’ve singlehandedly shaped how we view fashion. The illustration is an elegant piece of fashion history that has inspired us all from designers, to writers, editors, photographers, and even bloggers. I thank the illustrators of the past and the newcomers, such as Hayden Williams, for promoting beauty, class, and high fashion all through a single drawing.


Be sure to check out Mr. Williams’ stylish work on his Tumblr!

Do you enjoy fashion illustrations as much as I do? Are they a MESS or a YES?


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