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Connect 4! I am pleased to announce for the 4th time and 3rd week in a row that The Independent Fashion Bloggers has chosen my link, Why I Love Fashion Illustrations, for their Links A La Mode Weekly Roundup! This has been an amazing start to the new year, if you read my post on Why I Love Fashion Illustrations, then you’ll notice how I mention fashion illustrator Hayden Williams and how inspired I am by his talent.  I was so proud of the written content that I tweeted it to Hayden Williams and to my surprise he saw it, read the entire the post, and retweeted it!

Hayden Williams Tweet

And now that same post is featured in the IFB Weekly Roundup! These past 2 days have been very rewarding to the say the least, hopefully a sign of the year to come! In case you’re wondering what Links a la Mode is or forgotten what it is, here’s a refresher.  Links a al mode consists of 20 links submitted by bloggers to help drive traffic to their sites. Every Thursday the roundup gets posted giving anyone who submitted beforehand a chance to have their link selected and viewed by everyone in the IFB network. 

2014 is off to a fantastic start! Thank you to Hayden Williams and the Independent Fashion Bloggers for the 4th feature!  Make sure to check out my link, as well as, the other 19 fabulous links selected!

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to 2014. Don’t you love the start of a New Year? Imagining all that will happen over the next 12 months. Sure, you can think about the next 12 months any time, but something is special once the calendars reset to a new year. So… what’s in store for you? Who knows! But one thing we can do is show you some links to help you make the best, with DIY projects, fashion tips, and a few bits of inspiration just for you!

Links à la Mode: January 2nd

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