Every generation has a movie that becomes legendary in pop culture, first it was Heathers, then it was Clueless and now Mean Girls. This week marks the 10 year anniversary of the teen cult classic that taught us not to wear a tank top two days in a row, that a certain guy will look “sexy with his hair pushed back” and that ex-boyfriends were off-limits to friends because “that’s just like the rules of feminism“. Mean Girls has sparked countless memes and a lackluster made-for-tv sequel. But, if you’re like me, you’re still quoting movie lines a decade later. So, in honor of this milestone let’s take a look at a few memorable moments that made Mean Girls oh so fetch!

“You Go Glen Coco”


One of the most memorable quotes of the film only consisted of 4 words, and a character we never got to see. Aside from the back of his head, Glen Coco receiving the most candy canes will always be an integral part of Mean Girls.

“On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink”

karen mean girls

Regina, Gretchen, Karen and Cady had monochromatic fashion down to a science, opting to wear pink every Wednesday and sweatpants only on Fridays. The fab foursome spawned many pink Wednesday inspirations, even the hit tv show American Horror Story: Coven joined in on the action with their “On Wednesday’s We Wear Black” promo campaign.



“You Can’t Sit With Us”


Lacey Chabert’s  deliverance of this line catapulted this quote into social media fame. These 5 words have been added to every picture, shirt, hash tag and cliques the world over.



“That is so Fetch”


In the famous words of Regina, “What is fetch?” Who really knows? And do we even care? It took 10 years but Gretchen finally made fetch happen!

Ironically, the 10 year anniversary lands on a Wednesday and what better way to celebrate the Plastics than to wear pink. So, bring out your burn book, 3 of your best frenemies and enjoy!

Someone actually created a Mean Girls 2?!

Someone actually created a Mean Girls 2?!










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