I have been featured on the Independent Fashion Blogger’s weekly Links a la Mode for my link on Dido Elizabeth Belle and her painting that inspired a movie,  Behind the Painting of Dido Elizabeth Belle . It’s always a pleasure to be apart of the weekly roundup. This week’s link was a challenge for me to write, especially because it didn’t relate to fashion. It can be a little scary to step out of your comfort zone, but you’ll benefit from the risk in the long run.

 Links a al mode consists of 20 links submitted by bloggers to help drive traffic to their sites. Every Thursday the roundup gets posted giving anyone who submitted beforehand a chance to have their link selected and viewed by everyone in the IFB network. Always a pleasure to be selected, especially for the 9th time! Congrats to all the other bloggers!


Wardrobe Essentials

When it comes right down to it, what do you REALLY love to wear? Not the stuff you think you’re supposed to love, but the things you really love and actually do wear. Hmm… In this internet age we’ve gotten carried away with the lightning fast trends, and somehow need to find a way to get back to what’s real. What we really love. This week, it’s all about getting back to the essentials. What we really want from our wardrobes. That… and a couple of trendy things just to keep ourselves in the know.

Links à la Mode: June 19th

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