Happy 2016!


I can’t believe a new year is about to begin! I also can’t believe my last blog was dated July 2014. Whew! The year long hiatus wasn’t planned, but it was definitely needed. Sometimes it’s best to step away for awhile, regroup and come back. For me, ‘awhile’ meant a year and ‘regroup’ meant graduate from The School of Style, enroll in college full time, work full time, and read as many books as I could in between. But while I was away, I never forgot the blog that was. I’m so happy to come back and pour my feelings out on the tumultuous industry that is fashion.

Having my head in the books didn’t mean I was completely away from the industry. In fact, I noticed that a few predictions I had came true…

  1. Kendall Jenner is at the top of the supermodel totem pole.  The last thing updated on this site was about Kendall Jenner and her fast rise to the top. Whether or not her success is because of her name or her in-law (Kanye West) is still to be determined. However, I predicted she’d be here to stay and surprisingly she is…

2.  Lupita N’Yongo made the cover of Vogue! Twice! After being named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful, it came as no surprise that Vogue was right around the corner…

3.   Balmain is a household name. The sold-out-in-a- few hours collection with H&M, and the many celebrity besties that Olivier has made over the years, has managed to take Balmain to a new level. Whether or not these antics cheapen the legacy of the brand will be discussed in a future post…

There’s so much to be said about the ever changing industry, I can’t wait to share my thoughts. It feels good to be back!

Happy New Year!



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  1. Freakn YAAAAY! When I saw you had Liked my Posts, I got such a lovely surprise..for the past year I’ve been coming to your blog hoping to see a post…at one point I was going to delete yr link as I thought you had exited the blogosphere for good but I kept the faith and got my reward, haha!! Cant wait to hear what you’ve been up to and hear your opinon on things! ( :

    • You are the sweetest! 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you for not deleting me lol! Its good to be back in the blogosphere. I look forward to reading more of your blog as well! Happy New Year girl!

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